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Welcome to Rob Moesta's Personal Training  Website!

Rob won the overall at the 2008 Central States Bodybuilding Championships!!  Click here for pics and details!

Congratulations Lisa for your first place win at the 2009 Michigan State Bodybuilding Championships!  Click here for pics and details!

Congratulations Lizzy and Kristen for their amazing transformations at the 2009 Michigan State Figure Championships.

Congratulations Matt Schmidt for winning First place and Overall Champion at the 2010 Western Michigan State Championships!

Congratulations Dominic Magliocco for his First place win at the Michigan Bodybuilding Championship 2010!


What would you say if I said I could help you to build the best body you've ever had? How about if I told you that you could achieve any goal? Imagine feeling excited about the way you look and feel. Let me help you to change your life today!

I am a nationally certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and enjoy training a wide variety of people. I have a Master's Degree in Psychology, and also work in a group practice as a Clinical Psychotherapist. I believe the combination of good nutrition and fitness is the "fountain of youth". The balance of aerobic conditioning, strength training, and nutrition is the key to achieving a fit body and mind.

I enjoy competitive bodybuilding as a national level competitor.  I use my bodybuilding and dietary knowledge to create nutritional and training programs for all types of people: 

Bodybuilding competitors
Fitness and Figure competitors
High School and College Athletes
Person's with Disabilities

People who need to lose weight for health or any other reason

Individuals who have had gastric bypass surgery

.....And just your average person wanting to get fit


My practice produces great results.  The reason training with me will be different, is that I not only demonstrate the proper technique, but I also motivate my clients to achieve their goals.  Sometimes natural psychological processes in our minds (i.e. fear, anxiety, self-doubt) can be our most limiting factors.  I will teach you that you can do things that you did not think possible.  When you achieve these goals, you will develop a new level of respect for yourself.  Then we'll just keep reaching for more challenging goals together.

The most enjoyable aspect of watching my clients reach fitness goals is in the satisfaction and excitement they report feeling in their new lives. The determination, discipline, and confidence that is gained by their training, can be used to achieve any goal in life.

Don't put it off, Let's get started now!












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Dominic Magliocco is training with Rob for the Central States Bodybuilding Championships in August of 2010!  Get READY competitors... he's going for the OVERALL!!!



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